There are seven guilds for you to choose from when you enter the Disc: Assassins, Fools, Priests, Thieves, Warriors, Witches and Wizards. If your idea of doing well in a game is accruing the highest score possible, joining a Guild is highly recommended. And it may be worth noting at this point that the Discworld MUD is kill-based – that is, the fastest way to advance your character is by killing, even for the priests dedicated to the nice gods.

However, it is possible to have a lot of fun without killing much at all. As there is no end point in this game, ‘number chasing’ can only ever be done for its own sake – so trundling around the Disc, socialising with other players and gaining just enough skills and commands to defend yourself against non-player characters (NPCs) is a fine end in itself.

And of course, if you decide after all that a Guild is the place for you, you’ll be able to join whichever you please, taking all the skills you’ve learned as an Adventurer with you1.

So, intrepid adventurer, thou who art in search of excitement and diversion in the world of the Disc… choose a chapter from the menu above and read on.

  1. Once you join a Guild, the only way to leave it and join another one is to refresh. And this means losing all your skills, commands and possessions. But because the Adventurer’s Guild is simply the default state of any new player, this doesn’t apply to Adventurers. Excellent!